• Split air-cooled chiller unit
  • Split air-cooled chiller unit

Split air-cooled chiller unit
Split air-cooled chiller

This model is a split and air-cooled chiller unit, as the name suggests, which is divided into an internal unit and an external unit (similar to the design of split air conditioning), with copper pipes or other pipeline connections in the middle. External unit: including compressors in outdoor units (which can also be installed indoors), finned condensers, and cooling fans; The internal unit includes a compressor motor, water pump, water tank, etc. The unit is equipped with an oil separator on the chassis. The compressor, motor, water pump, and oil separator can be installed on the internal or external unit according to the customization of Party A, which is beneficial for units with limited installation conditions or places with limited usage conditions. The air-cooled split type chiller unit described in this utility model is applied to scientific research units such as schools, military industry, aviation, aerospace, etc.
Product series:air-cooled vortex type, screw type series
Outlet water temperature:5-20°
Refrigerant   :R22/R407C/R134A
Cold capacity range:3kw-400kW
Application fields:food processing, pharmaceuticals, biological fermentation, military industry, laboratories, schools, research institutions, etc
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