How is the high-pressure alarm of industrial chillers usually handled?


Handling method for high-pressure alarm of ice water machine:

1. If the chiller unit is used for a long time, it is easy for scale and other debris to accumulate on the pipe wall or condenser copper pipe, which will inevitably affect the refrigeration cycle system. Therefore, everyone should follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance time and regularly perform maintenance and cleaning work for the chiller (cleaning the cooling water system, cleaning the condenser, replacing filters, etc.);

2. Check if there is an excess of refrigerant. The refrigeration unit is filled with an appropriate amount of refrigerant before leaving the factory. Therefore, if there is no refrigerant leakage, users do not need to add refrigerant. Excessive refrigerant will only affect the normal use of the unit.

3. This problem can also occur if the cooling water flow rate is too low or the temperature is too high, resulting in poor heat dissipation. The cooling water flow rate is small, and it is necessary to check whether the size of the installed pipelines matches the size of the refrigeration unit, or whether the water valve is opened to the maximum position; If it is an air-cooled freezer, we need to check whether the installation environment temperature has exceeded 40 ℃. If it exceeds 40 ℃, we must promptly exhaust the heat to ensure that the refrigeration unit is in an air circulation environment;