How to ensure the normal use of chiller


In order to ensure the excellent function of the unit, please keep the chiller in an excellent environment with excellent ventilation and low temperature. Turn off the compressor before turning off the cooling fan. Every 6 months or when the function of the refrigerator drops, please clean the condenser and check that the operating valve is in normal condition.

   the working pressure of the condenser should be lower than 1.5MPa. Frequent inspection and cleaning of the condenser can make the machine maintain its good function. For air-cooled machines, please ensure that the machine is well ventilated and the condenser is regularly maintained. If it is not used for a long time, sometimes the water pump impeller will be blocked by sediment, so turn the water pump cooling fan by hand before using the machine. During the operation of the unit, the parameters shall be recorded timely and correctly.

   in case of alarm shutdown during unit operation, relevant personnel shall be notified in time to check the unit. If the fault cannot be eliminated, the manufacturer can be contacted directly. It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the water flow switch during the operation of the unit to avoid freezing and breaking the water pipe. The machine room shall be equipped with corresponding safety equipment and maintenance and detection items, such as pressure gauge, thermometer, etc., which shall be stored in a fixed position

   after the unit is shut down, do not turn off the main power supply. If the unit is shut down for a long time, drain all the accumulated water in the air part of the cold water system to prevent rust. The end cover of water chamber shall seal the unit for a long time