• Холодильный агрегат туннельной вентиляции 
  • Холодильный агрегат туннельной вентиляции 

Холодильный агрегат туннельной вентиляции 
Chemical anti-corrosion chiller

In the rapid development of the country, shield tunneling is required for subways, highways, train tunnels, etc. in first or second tier cities. During tunnel construction, due to drilling holes, loading slag, spraying concrete, exhaust from shield tunneling machines and various transportation vehicles, there is insufficient oxygen in the tunnel. During excavation, various harmful gases and rock dust are released from the strata, making the air in the narrow space inside the tunnel very turbid and polluted. Fresh air must be supplied to the tunnel, and during summer construction, the hot weather and high temperature inside the tunnel also affect the construction progress. At this point, it is necessary to increase the combination of refrigeration and ventilation equipment. The selection of ventilation equipment is the key to determining the ventilation effect inside the tunnel. The maximum required ventilation volume inside the tunnel is the control factor for selecting ventilation equipment, and the working full wind pressure and working air volume of the ventilation fan are two important factors for selecting the ventilation fan. By combining with the chilled water and the air conditioning surface cooler heat exchanger, fresh air is sent into the tunnel through the heat exchanger for alternating heating and cooling, which cools the air and blows out the cold air relatively quickly. When all railways, expressways and subways are digging tunnels, the temperature in the tunnel sometimes reaches 40 degrees or even higher. The ventilation cooling and spray watering cooling measures are mostly used for construction cooling, but the effect is poor. Therefore, based on market demand and in combination with the research and development of our technicians, the tunnel ventilation system developed by Huaxiang Company uses external circulating cooling water (external cooling for shield tunneling machines) to cool and lower the temperature of the refrigeration unit. The cold water produced by the refrigeration unit is combined with an air conditioning heat exchanger to cool and lower the temperature of the tunnel working face. On the basis of traditional external circulation cooling and tunnel ventilation fans, an air conditioning chiller heat exchange system is installed to cool the tunnel ventilation air before entering the secondary fan system. The outlet temperature of the secondary fan can reach 20 ℃, solving the problem of high-temperature construction by construction personnel. Currently, our specific tunnel ventilation screw units have been purchased from dozens of large central enterprises and institutions in China, and have been highly recognized by domestic users.
Серия продуктов: Хостинг с водяным охлаждением + Серия вентиляторов
Температура выхода воды :5-20°
хладагент    :R22/R407C/R134A
Холодный диапазон :50kw-600kw
Сфера применения:строительство туннелей, вентиляция в герметическом цехе, центральное охлаждение и вентиляция и т.д.
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