Customer requirements for cooling of blow molding machine and injection molding machine


1. Customer requirements introduction: cooling requirements of blow molding machine and injection molding machine


2. Site specific analysis:

The site conditions are as follows: four blow molding machines, each with a power of 370kW, a clamping force of 230kg, and the maximum material processed per hour is 140kg per hour; There are 14 injection molding machines, including 700T, 550t and 250t machines. At present, the existing cooling system is cooled by the old cooling water tower. We learned from our technicians on site that Party A's product upgrading needs to reduce the mold temperature to 15 ℃, and needs constant temperature and other requirements; On the other hand, Party A wants to carry out one-to-one design with blow molding machine and injection molding machine to cool down and be mobile. The purpose is to move the chiller to the corresponding station when the production needs, which injection molding machine or blow molding machine needs to be opened. Considering the small production task in the early stage, it wants to take this design scheme as the basis.

3. Type selection determination:

Considering that in Heze, Shandong Province in the north, it snows in winter and other reasons, and Party A does not want to use the original cooling water tower again, select the air-cooled chiller without connecting the cooling tower water for cooling (this is the way that the chiller needs to cool the compressor when it is working), communicate with Party A's technicians and the matching personnel of the injection molding machine Party A finds, and finally choose Huaxiang brand: hx-10fw*4 blow molding machines for cooling, with a cooling capacity of 27kw, Hx-05fw*3 injection molding machines are cooled, with a cooling capacity of 13kw. The working principle of air-cooled chillers, built-in water tank pumps, etc. in terms of power, Party A specifies the size, so the temperature control fluctuation will be larger (in principle, the design cooling capacity needs to be larger, because Party A wants to connect the oil cooler with chilled water for cooling).

4. Installation requirements

Since Party A does not have the professional staff at present, it needs our company to install and communicate with both parties. The installation material is PPR pipe, which is connected with the existing raw water cooling tower water pipe. A total of 18 sets are all connected in place, and the pipeline insulation (which was not previously done) is installed by our company's professional staff, which is neat, with excellent technology and high quality installation service.

5. Customer feedback:

After 7 days of trial use, the completion date is February 15, 2023. Party A has given compliments such as: professional, exquisite, good suburban fruit, convenient and mobile, sincere service attitude of installers, and more thoughtful design ideas than other manufacturers.