Customer requirements introduction: sodium sulfate decahydrate condensation crystallization unit


1. Customer requirements introduction: sodium sulfate decahydrate condensation crystallization unit


2. Sodium sulfate product process flow:

For the production of sodium sulfate products in a chemical industry park in Hezhou, Guangxi, the water in it needs to be continuously evaporated, and only pure sodium nucleic acid crystals are extracted. The water in the surrounding air will be adsorbed and crystallized, so as to form hydrated sodium sulfate crystals and other processes, as shown in the following figure, which is the on-site process flow.


3. Refrigeration equipment for sodium sulfate crystallization:

Due to the need to purchase Huaxiang water-cooled low-temperature screw chiller in the process flow of sodium sulfate, the condensation temperature should be kept at about 0 ° C as far as possible, while the outlet water temperature of the chiller should be -6 ° C for better effect, and the tank jacket will produce heat exchange temperature difference and other reasons. The refrigeration process is the process of circulating cooling between the -6 ° C low-temperature solution produced by the water-cooled screw chiller and the jacket of the sodium sulfate crystallization tank, which is equipped with an insulated water tank, Square cooling water tower (small floor area, good heat exchange effect) and circulating water pump. The selection of low-temperature circulating pump needs to be greater than 1.2 coefficient with the standard. The working conditions of low-temperature solution and ordinary tap water are different.


4. Discussion on capacity increase scheme of equipment for further expansion

Huaxiang refrigeration company and Party A discussed the equipment expansion plan for the existing production demand. For the increase of the current production index and the increase of the capacity of the equipment and auxiliary equipment, both parties reached an agreement and signed the plan equipment for the original refrigeration unit water-cooled screw low-temperature unit 120hp and the model 140hp refrigeration unit. Party a highly recognized the professionalism of Huaxiang refrigeration company. The figure below shows the application site.


5. Discussion on standby refrigerator scheme

According to the final determination of Party A's production demand, it is necessary to supplement the standby scheme of the low-temperature refrigerator after about 60 days after the production process and output are stable. Because Party A produces 24 hours a day and all equipment operates all day, Huaxiang refrigeration company looks forward to communicating the standby scheme with Party a again!