General treatment methods for refrigerant leakage in cold water machines


When dealing with refrigerant leakage issues, the evaporator can be removed and welded. The method of disassembly is:

1. After identifying the missing points, mark them properly;

2. If there is still refrigerant remaining in the refrigeration system, it should be stored first;

3. Use two 8-inch or 10 inch wrenches to remove the locking nut of the indoor unit connection and the right electrical box of the indoor unit;

4. Remove the fixed pipes and clamps at the back of the evaporator, and remove the left and right positioning screws of the indoor evaporator;

5. Gently lift the pipeline from the back of the indoor unit with your left hand to move the evaporator forward. After pulling out the evaporator 5cm with your right hand, rotate the evaporator 90 degrees with both hands and pull it out along the pipeline (pay attention to manual operation, do not touch the fins).