• Water cooled precision chiller unit
  • Water cooled precision chiller unit

Water cooled precision chiller unit
Water-cooled precision chiller

The water-cooled chiller has a small volume and a large cooling capacity. It uses a world-renowned imported compressor with excellent low-temperature performance, reliability, and durability. The product is designed according to the characteristics of industrial applications, and is equipped with a low-temperature circulating water pump and a stainless steel freezing water tank, which is extremely convenient to use. All materials in contact with water are made of stainless steel (or various materials can be customized), effectively preventing rust and corrosion. The microcomputer LED quantity controller is equipped with temperature display, temperature setting, automatic adjustment of freezing water temperature, and compressor delay protection functions. Famous brand contactors, relays, and other electrical components are selected, equipped with complete indicator lights, switches, and easy operation. The built-in electronic water level indicator and alarm device automatically alarms low water level. The operator can grasp the water level situation of the freezing water tank through the control panel, timely replenish water, which is unique. Modular design, Each compressor's system is safe and independent, and even if one system malfunctions, it will not affect the normal operation of other systems.
Product series:water-cooled single machine and four machine series
Outlet water temperature:5-20°
Refrigerant   :R410A
Cold capacity range:3kw-200kw
Application areas:food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging rubber, biological fermentation, reaction vessels, electroplating, coating, UV curing applications, etc.
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