• Efficient variable frequency chiller unit
  • Efficient variable frequency chiller unit

Efficient variable frequency chiller unit
High-efficiency variable frequency chiller

The current situation of high energy consumption in the performance evaluation system of variable frequency chillers is analyzed. The main energy consumption components of the variable frequency system are pointed out, and the high energy consumption reasons of the traditional large wind chiller performance evaluation system are pointed out. A new type of variable capacity fully recovered variable frequency chiller performance evaluation system is proposed. The new variable frequency unit has: a constant temperature water tank, a chilled water tank, and a heat exchange large and large water pump. The variable capacity water-cooled ethylene glycol refrigeration unit is connected to the economy unit (cooling tower collaborative function plate exchange) in a closed circuit to achieve primary temperature control, and combined with the variable frequency pump and regulating valve to achieve secondary temperature control. Compared with traditional cold water systems, the new evaluation system using variable frequency temperature control has significant energy-saving effects in similar working conditions, especially in precision air conditioning or applications with uncertain loads, and has excellent operational stability!
Product series:air-cooled, water-cooled, vortex, screw series
Outlet water temperature:5-20°
Refrigerant   :R134A/R22/R407C/R410A
Cold capacity range:70kw-3000kw
Application areas: food processing, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing, packaging rubber, biological fermentation, reactor, central cooling, air conditioning system applications, etc.
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