• Liquid functional testing unit

Liquid functional testing unit
Liquid functional testing unit

The liquid control unit has the temperature control capability of high-precision units, as well as the ability to control liquid flow and pressure. High precision control of liquid temperature, pressure, and flow rate. The liquid functional testing unit can also meet the customer's process cycle function, programmable self editing control, and automatic cycle. The high and low temperature coolant testing machine is mainly achieved by circulating low temperature coolant. If there is a situation where the required heat dissipation power is relatively small, due to the large thermal capacity of the coolant itself, there is no need to start the cycle process, and it can already meet the set temperature range requirements. There are two main forms of battery pack cooling, direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling refers to the cooling medium flowing directly through the surface of the battery cell, taking away excess heat; Indirect cooling refers to the flow of cooling media through pipelines and radiators, where the radiators come into contact with the battery cells and transfer heat from the battery cells to the cooling media. It is particularly widely used in various new energy sources, hydrogen energy, lithium batteries, high-voltage energy storage, and other applications.
Product series:liquid cooler, testing unit series
Outlet water temperature:5-20°
Refrigerant   :R22/R407C/R134A
Accuracy range:flow rate, pressure, temperature, etc. ± 0.1, etc
Application areas:functional testing, high-pressure energy storage, new energy, hydrogen energy, etc
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